Pietro Rotelli:
Racconti Fumetti Illustrazioni Lettering

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è uscito NOTTURNO
il mio primo romanzo



bianco e nero

bambini e pop Surrealismo

Comic Art


New Font: PhintoGreko Regular otf

Do you have to write in fake ancient Greek and do you need a simple font on the fly, which recalls that world and without too many variations? I give it to you for FREE. Devi scrivere in finto greco antico ed hai bisogno al volo di un font semplice,…


And so I finally gave in to the charm and started making a couple of fonts. The first (Pitt’s Hand) is only in the Regular version and you can find it for free online, I’ll put the link here too, from which you can download it. It’s free. E quindi alla…

TAE #1

TAE (The Animation Evolution) is a journey through history to explore the early days of animation up to the present day. The ancestors of cartoons, from whose foundations and intuitions we started to then arrive at the 3D computer graphics of today’s images and animations. TAE (The Animation Evolution) è…