I was born in August 1975. The heat and fatigue. I studied at the Art School and after a couple of years between Architecture and Academy of Fine Arts have made the Civil Service. I’ve always drawn as a child, I remember, and according to what I have told my parents, so when I got a job at a graphic design studio that was looking for an illustrator I agreed. In that study, with time (and, quite independently) I learned to use programs cone Freehand and Photoshop, evolving from year to year and mixing traditional design techniques with the “world” of possible by the use of a Mac. I remain a fan of craft work: paper, pencil and pen. It’s twenty years I do the graphic, and some time that I approached again (after a long pause) to the world of comic strip drawn.

Draw cartoons especially in collaboration with writer Luigi Chialvo in Akronya Studio. Guest publisher of for whom he wrote about comics. He has collaborated, among others, with Mucchio Selvaggio, Ink Publishing, Gli Arroganzini, L’Odio and bands Nati Apposta, Nime, PopKillers, Intrio and the singer Eleonora Micol.